Marine Energy Efficiency


Guaranteed Fuel Savings


Extend the range of your vessels with QTAGG’s advanced fuel saving products.

We install and commission our products while you are sailing, making the time to

savings as short as possible. Our products improve propulsion through roll damping,

propeller pitch control and route optimization.


Empower your team with professional tools to further improve your vessels’ performance!

Our commitments are guaranteed fuel savings and quick returns on your investment.



Why is this good for you?


By reducing ship dynamics, our system decreases fuel consumption and decreases the wear and tear of the engine, propeller and rudder. The diesel engine will run under a safer regime. With more information collected in time,

the system will be gradually better. Your crew will appreciate working with it.

The energy efficiency reports use SEEMP indicators. Experienced officers from leading shipping companies like Maersk Line, Stena Line and Viking Line have tested and improved the system. Our products are running today on more than 300 installations.


How does it work?


There is a unique concept behind all QTAGG products, some key solutions being patented. We aggregate large volumes of data from own sensors, NMEA, weather forecasts, and other sources into optimal control of the engine and of the propeller. The voyage optimization makes a detailed schedule, finding the optimal power for each leg to ensure on-time arrival (ETA) using the least amount of fuel. The governor (Dego IV) and propeller pitch control are scheduling autonomously on-line all these optimizations, relieving the officers from tedious calculations and power adjustments.


QTAGG designs, manufactures and commissions engine actuators, governors and route planning products for large vessels. Advanced, often patented, measurement, control and actuation technologies offer substantial reduction in fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.





QTAGG has a range of fuel saving solutions based on measuring, controlling and optimizing the diesel engines. We have solutions for mechanical and diesel electric propulsion systems as well as for diesel electric power plants and emergency power generators.





QTAGG installs, commissions and provides training for all our products. We often install our products while the ship is in normal operation. QTAGG offers fuel efficiency measurement services and hull/propeller/engine efficiency estimations.



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