Fuel Rack Actuators

Fuel Rack Actuators

QTAGG Fuel Rack Actuators offers a robust mechanical design built to withstand the harsh environment on top of a diesel engine.

The actuators feature high efficiency gear boxes with zero backlash, offering perfect control of the fuel rack and of the fuel pumps.

The actuators are approved by the major class societies.

Actuator features

QTAGG Actuators are using robust AC drive technology with resolver position feedback and a highly efficient gearbox with no backlash. QTAGG actuators are easy to install making them a perfect fit for retrofit as well as for newbuildings.

The control of the actuator is done via CANOpen fieldbus, PWM or analog interface. The actuators are fully compatible with all versions of the DEGO governor.

Technical Data for the 120Nm actuator

Output peak torque: 260 Nm

Stroke range: 0-60 degrees

Performance for 36 degrees stroke: 200-250 ms

Brake: Holding when powered

Manual intervention: Yes! Via hex key or push buttons and remote control

Backlash: Zero

Communication: CANOpen for governor communication and USB for the commissioning tool

Analog interface: PWM (0-200mA) and 4-20mA Analog