Roll Damping

Fuel saving through dynamic control of the vessels propulsion system

Q-TAGG RollOut uses advanced, patented control technologies to minimize the motion of the vessel, of the rudder and of the ship’s engine. 

The vessel will experience less drag from its hull and rudder as well as improved propeller efficiency.

Effects of reduced rolling

The engine will operate more evenly, with less mechanical and thermal stress, closer to its optimal working point.

Using highly accurate dynamic position sensors, Roll-Out identifies the parameters of a model describing the dynamics of the ship. Based on this model, it computes optimum fuel settings for the engine, fulfilling all given diesel engine and speed constraints.

With less roll, the ship’s rudder movement and the propeller slip will decrease, the total effect being a reduction in fuel consumption.

Field proven technology

Thousands of hours of tests on commercial vessels, with both single and twin screw configurations, show a reduction in fuel consumption by 5-7%, roll reduction of 20-40% and rudder reduction of 15-60% (ranges depend on the ship type, sea conditions and the type of autopilot used).

Q-TAGG RollOut saves fuel along with controlled safe operation of the propulsion system in all working conditions.