“A game changer” – industry press on EcoPilot’s CII mode

The announcement of Qtagg’s addition of a CII mode to EcoPilot has gathered attention in the maritime industry media. 

EcoPilot is already an established voyage optimization system, used to save fuel and ensure on-time-arrival through optimized and automated propulsion control. It uses real-time weather data, sea state and ship data to calculate and execute optimal eco-driving for the selected target value.

The CII mode is a new control mode that allows the captain to specify a CII value for the voyage. The system calculates the optimal propulsion plan for the CII target value, with expected arrival time and fuel consumption, based on current conditions and forecasts. Once confirmed by the captain, EcoPilot will execute the propulsion plan with automatic adjustments during the voyage.

This is what the industry media has to say about the new CII mode:

“Ship CII ratings have a direct impact on vessel value, according to recent brokerage data, and on earnings as well. Shipowners have an incentive to dial in the right CII for a vessel in order to keep it at a balanced level of financial performance and environmental performance - and now there's an application that can do precisely that.”

"A game changer for captains and fleet operators"