Work it. With purpose.

Qtagg is a company with a purpose. We are techies that want to make a difference, to people, to the industry and to the environment. We design complex systems to make fuel savings and emissions control easy.

Working at Qtagg

Qtagg is a company founded and led by engineers. It is the available technology and what we can achieve by using it, and sometimes stretching the limits of what is possible, that is in our focus. We combine software and hardware under the same roof which makes us an interesting place to work for a variety of different talents. Together we create tangible and visible results.

Part of almost all positions at Qtagg involves on-site visits to ships and customers in other countries and continents. To work here, you should be prepared to spend part of your time traveling the world.

To thrive at Qtagg you need to be comfortable with variation, development, change and personal growth. Our business is growing and getting things done is important to us. If you enjoy crossing off tasks on your to-do-list, please read on.

Positions at Qtagg

We are currently looking for:

- Software developers
- Embedded developers

Other applications are also welcome!

Unless otherwise agreed, all positions are stationed at our office in Västerås, Sweden.

Software developer

As a software developer at Qtagg your are part of the complete lifecycle of our products, from discussing customer values with a new solution, to development, testing and support of the installed base.
Apart from regular development tasks such as system design, coding and testing your work entails ship visits, remote trouble-shooting and analysis to find additional means for optimizing ship propulsion.

Embedded developer

As a developer of embedded systems you probably already know your competence is in high demand. This is a position for people that love both hardware and software. You either get to design your own circuit boards, or work in cooperation with our electronic designers. Working the oscilloscope with ease is just as important as your ability to read electronics charts fluently and have your interrupt priorities in order. You will be involved from requirements to design, verification and installation to create solutions for critical control systems in demanding environments. Your solutions will control the propulsion of ships weighing thousands of tons.

UX designer

UX is more than a fancy word. It is about making products and systems usable and appealing, and affects our brand and our reputation both short and long-term. As a UX designer you can charge of our user experience. You will be involved in collecting user feedback, drafting and implementing new and updated UX design. We work primarily with web technology and .NET/XAML for our user interfaces.

Master thesis

Emerging new talents have a dear place in our hearts. We keep a list of projects that are suitable for student master thesis. The right person could also land a job over the summer.

Smarter, greener fleets

We want to improve propulsion of ships around the globe to decrease both emissions and marine fuel consumption. Our EcoPilot system enable ship owners and operators to stay in control of both fuel costs and emissions. 


Your application

Send us your CV/resumé and cover letter to It is totally fine to do it in Swedish if that is your preferred language! We are a Swedish company after all.