Bring your visions to life. Today & tomorrow.

Be greener and increase your profits using intelligent systems for on-board and onshore ship control, emissions compliance and voyage planning. Our solutions bridge the gap between current technology and a smarter, greener future. Bring your visions to life today, for a better tomorrow.

Fuelopt system for emissions control

Emissions management. The smart way.

Taking the pain out of emissions management. We have the solutions you need for operational CII management, technical EEXI compliance and improved fuel economy¬. Stay confident while you balance compliance and fulfilment of commercial contracts.

  • CII management with predictable performance and arrival times
  • Automatic execution of an optimal propulsion plan, based on your priorities
  • Easy EEXI compliance with bridge override

Voyage optimization. Automated.

Arrive on time while improving your fuel economy! EcoPilot uses ship information, environmental maps, and real-time weather data to calculate and execute an optimal propulsion plan, based on what you value most: on-time arrival, fuel consumption or speed.

Make your fleet smarter and greener

Contact us to learn how intelligent solutions can expand your capabilities – onboard as well as onshore.

Propulsion control

Qtagg supplies retrofit governors, actuators and pitch control for diesel engine-based propulsion systems. Our products are inter-changeable with all commonly installed products and systems.

Stay in control. Very precise control.

Get thousands of tons to move to your liking, with precise control. Contact us for more information about our solutions for ship propulsion control.

Power plant control

We supply governors, actuators and power management systems for onshore diesel power generators, either in continuous use or as a backup power source.