Power plant control.

Qtagg supplies governors, actuators and power management systems for onshore diesel power generators, either in continuous use or as a backup power source.

Diesel engine governors

The DEGO diesel engine governor is made for controlling the speed of and load on diesel engines and can be used in diesel power generator applications. Outputs are available for fully electric or electro-hydraulic actuators.


Our ASAC actuators can be used to replace worn out actuators for medium or slow speed diesel engines. They use AC drive technology with resolver position feedback and a highly efficient gearbox with no backlash. ASAC actuators are fully compatible with all versions of the DEGO governor.

Power management

Our power management system is perfect for retrofit in existing diesel power plants. It will start up and turn off engines as needed based on the power load and will balance the load between installed engines.

Extend the lifetime of your diesel power plant

We supply replacement governors, actuators and power management systems for diesel power plants. Contact us to request an offer!