Pitch control system

Our pitch control system is an add-on to the DEGO governor, suitable also for retrofit where legacy pitch control systems need to be replaced. The pitch control system will keep the engine and the CPP within safe operational margins and at optimum working point. 

Integrated pitch control streamlines maintenance

Qtagg’s pitch control system is integrated with the DEGO governor which simplifies service and reduces downtime and costs for maintenance, compared to when a separate pitch controller is used.

Compatible engine arrangements

The pitch control functionality covers all typical propulsion arrangements, such as:

  • Single engine with CPP
  • Twin engine with CPP
  • 2 x twin engine with two CPPs

The controller interfaces with all major CPP manufacturers’ hydraulic systems.

Fuelopt EcoPilot different control modes

Control modes

The system has three modes of operation that are selected from the control interface at the bridge:

  • Combinator with load control
  • Constant RPM Mode
  • Constant power mode
Fuelopt EcoPilot engine load screen

Combinator with load control

In Combinator mode the telegraph position is translated into engine speed- and propeller pitch set points. 

The engine(s) are controlled to the speed set point by the governor and the propeller pitch is regulated to the pitch set point according to the combinator curve. If the engine reaches a load limitation, the load controller takes over and reduces the pitch until the set-point for the load control is obtained.

Fuelopt illustration constant power mode

Constant power mode

In this mode the pitch/RPM working point is controlled to a maximum allowed propeller slip. This means acceleration without propeller cavitation and running the propeller at its best operational point for all sea- and weather conditions.

The propeller RPM and pitch is optimized for the chosen kg/hour set-point to maximize the nautical miles per kilowatt hour.


  • Loading on/off program
  • Semi-automatic clutch control (option)
  • Windmilling protection
  • Engine stall protection
  • Propeller phase-synchronization (for twin-screw ships)

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Upgrades and retrofit

The system is designed for efficient retrofit of legacy pitch control systems with proportional valve or increase/ decrease valve control.


Our pitch control system is approved by marine classification societies such as Lloyd’s register, DNV and Bureau veritas.