Retrofit governors and actuators

Replacement engine governor for retrofit

The DEGO diesel engine governor is made for controlling speed and load on diesel engines arranged in any possible configuration. DEGO is approved by the major marine classification societies.

Outputs are available for fully electric or electro-hydraulic actuators. DEGO can be used with both single- and twin-engine propulsion, as well as for power generation.

Replaces old:

  • Wärtsilä EGS 2000, ESG 40M-D, DMS 2100i, Geamot 90C, etc.
  • Nabco/Nabtesco MG800 (diff versions)
  • Kongsberg DGS 8800e, Autuchief 4, et.c
  • Woodward

Commissioning time: 1-2 days per engine.

Replacement actuators for retrofit

Our ASAC actuators can be used to replace worn out actuators for medium or slow speed diesel engines. They use AC drive technology with resolver position feedback and a highly efficient gearbox with no backlash.

The control of the actuator is done via CANopen fieldbus, PWM or analog interface. The actuators are fully compatible with all versions of the DEGO governor. ASAC actuators are approved by all major class societies.

Replaces old:

  • ABB ASAC 70, 200, 400, 1850
  • Wärtsilä Lyngsö Size 3, 7, 14, (27)
  • Nabco/Nabtesco
  • Kongsberg Electrical
  • Woodward

Commissioning time: 1-2 days per engine.

Request for proposal

Typical retrofit installation

The following pictures show a typical retrofit installation for Maersk Kampala. Installers need 1-2 days per engine for the complete replacement works.

Adding EEXI shaft power limitation

If you do not already have an EEXI solution installed, this can be installed at the same time as the governor and actuators are replaced. We offer EcoLimit, which is a shaft power limitation solution that ensures you can use your engine up to the maximum allowed limit.