ASAC is a high-performance actuator, designed for fuel rack positioning on diesel engines in conjunction with all versions of the DEGO speed governor systems. They offer accurate and precise control of the fuel rack to enable eco driving. ASAC actuators are approved by the major marine classification societies and can be used for retrofit as well as new builds.


Qtagg ASAC fuel rack actuators offer a robust mechanical design built to withstand the harsh environment on top of a diesel engine. They feature high efficiency gear boxes with zero backlash, offering perfect control of the fuel rack and of the fuel pumps. The resolver feedback system is rugged (no bearings) and at the same time provides a feedback signal to the governor with high resolution and linearity.

Compatibility and communication interfaces

ASAC actuators are fully compatible with the DEGO governor but can also be controlled by other governors or control devices using standardized command and feedback signals such as CANopen, PWM or analog command signals (4-20mA).



The actuators are installed on the engine and consists of a brushless AC servo motor, a high precision gearbox, a junction box, an arm that is connected to the fuel rack and a foot that is mounted on the engine. 

The actuator control unit is installed close to but not on the engine. It contains a communication and supervision module together with a power amplifier.


The actuator is maintenance free. The motor and the resolver feedback system are brushless and the gear is lifetime lubricated. 

During engine standstill, the fuel rack can be moved to simplify the maintenance of fuel pumps and minimize downtime (using the DEGO Fuel Pump Motion program)


ASAC actuators are approved by marine classification societies such as Lloyd’s register, DNV and Bureau veritas.

Retrofit and replacement actuators

ASAC actuators are often used as a retrofit solution where they replace actuators such as:

  • ABB ASAC 70, 200, 400, 1850
  • Wärtsilä Lyngsö Size 3, 7, 14, (27)
  • Nabco/Nabtesco
  • Kongsberg Electrical
  • Woodward

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