EEXI compliance with EcoLimit

Qtagg’s EcoLimit is your shortcut to EEXI compliance, with options for the future. EcoLimit is a shaft power limit solution, and once installed on the ship it fulfils IMO’s EEXI requirements without further intervention.

Reliable, optimized EEXI compliance

EcoLimit restricts propulsion power from the main engine to just below the EEXI limit. Shaft power meters measure the actual shaft power to ensure the correct kW limit is always applied. This way, the maximum allowed power is used, even if engines are worn or fuel types vary.

EcoLimit features

  • Reliable, optimized EEXI compliance using shaft power limitation
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Bridge override access for maximum ship safety
  • Change limits easily as regulations evolve
  • Ready for CII management with EcoPilot

Easy to install and maintain

EcoLimit is designed for easy installation and commissioning. All tuning and configuration is done through a web interface. If the EEXI regulations are revised in the future, the software settings can easily be changed for compliance with the new requirements.


EcoLimit is compliant with the IMO resolution MPEC 335(76).

Add future CII management

EcoLimit also provides the interface for a future upgrade to EcoPilot for voyage optimization and CII management.

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