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Diesel engine governors

DEGO is a versatile diesel engine governor that can be used to control the speed or load of engines in varying configurations for ship propulsion or power generation. Approved by marine classification societies.


Qtagg’s actuators has a robust mechanical design, making them suitable for the harsh environment on top of diesel engines. They offer perfect control of the fuel rack and fuel pumps. Approved by marine classification societies.

Pitch control

Our pitch control system PCI is an integrated extension to the DEGO governor. By integrating the pitch control with the governor, the number of individual systems is reduced, which simplified service and maintenance. 

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Retrofit products

We offer governors and actuators for retrofit and replacement of worn-out ABB, Wärtsilä, Nabco/Nantesco, Kongsberg and Woodward equipment.

EcoLimit for EEXI compliance

EcoLimit provides reliable EEXI compliance and lets you operate the ship very near the kW limit. It uses shaft power limitation and shaft power meters for accurate EEXI compliance. EcoLimit is the perfect choice for ships that will be equipped with EcoPilot in the future.

Spare parts

To purchase spare parts for Qtagg products, please contact the support team at support@qtagg.com or call +46 21 448 47 40.