Mega Regina pre-installation survey

This is not our first encounter with Corsica Ferries‘s Mega Regina. She already has a previous version of the Qtagg DEGO engine governors installed, but it is time to replace the ASAC 70 actuators, supplied with the governors, with the newer ASAC 120 version. As the name indicates, they can deliver 120 NM torque continuously. In addition, they can give up to 240 NM for shorter periods when needed. Other benefits are a maintenance free design and a digital control allowing for better monitoring and follow up of the fuel rack performance.

Before timelines are finalized and commitments are made, the Qtagg staff always conducts an in-person survey and assessment to ensure a proper understanding of prerequisites and conditions on board the vessel.

Ship data for Mega Regina:

Gross tonnage: 37,864
Ship type: passenger/Ro-Ro Cargo Ship
Length (overall): 176 m
Beam: 28 m
Built year: 1985