Installation on crude oil tanker Petrosamudera

We are just back from another successful installation of DEGO IV engine governors and ASAC actuators, this time on the crude oil tanker Petrosamudera in Hong Kong. Petrosamudera, that mainly operates in the South China Sea, is a 20-year-old ship, so it was time to replace the older Kongsberg governor and actuator with new units for digital propulsion control.

This project was managed by our new partner in Singapore, the company MARICO Engineering Pte. Ltd. We are so grateful to Patrick Sagaran and his team for their excellent performance and quality of the project!

DEGO IV provides real-time performance monitoring, engine diagnostics, remote support and integration through standard communication protocols. ASAC provides precise control over the fuel rack in a rugged design suitable for rough environments.

Ship data for Petrosamudera:

Gross tonnage: 23,240
Ship type: Crude oil tanker
Length (overall): 183 m
Beam: 27 m
Built year: 2004

Lead on-site commissioning by Samrend Heidaripak.