EcoPilot - Arrive on time at the lowest total cost, every voyage.

Autonomous speed / power pilot, weather routing- and voyage optimization tool.

Q-TAGG EcoPilot improves energy efficiency of a ship by supporting the key SEEMP processes of the International Maritime Organization.

Functional design

EcoPilot helps the navigator to plan the voyage and to find the optimum route by using a powerful weather routing tool. The tool estimates the fuel consumption for the different route alternatives based on the ship’s previous performance and on weather forecasts.

EcoPilot re-optimizes the route plan throughout the voyage to make sure that the ship arrives on the specified time whilst minimizing fuel consumption. An unforeseen change in the time schedule is easily handled by an automatic re-optimization of the remaining route.

Inspired design

EcoPilot focus on the navigators needs for route planning, optimization and fuel efficiency monitoring. With intuitive quick steps the navigator plans and optimizes the route  in seconds.

Follow up and re-planning is done directly in the chart, with clear information of the ship's performance and progress.

Weather forecasts are automatically updated and the route is re-optimized when new information is available.

This means that the crew operates the ship to arrive Just-In-Time at the lowest cost.

Integrated Work Process

EcoPilot supports navigators to find and execute the most economical voyage. The tool has clear steps from planning to execution. The performance is analyzed to ensure incremental improvments of the voyage planning.

EcoPilot supports the SEEMP’s intentions to improve the ship’s energy efficiency through voyage planning (5.2), weather routing (5.4), just-in-time arrival (5.5), speed optimization (5.7), and optimized shaft power (5.11). The tool also provides the necessary information for efficient monitoring and self-evaluation.