Qtagg focuses on the factors that causes energy losses in your ship's propulsionsystem.

We have CII ready EEXI solutions for most engines and propulsion systems.

Our products are combined into well integrated solutions that support your key work processes. For each type of engine configuration we have a preconfigured setup. This setup is then adjusted to fit your specific needs. Typically this is done during or after a site survey of your ship or plant.

Our solutions are from the beginning designed for energy efficiency, i.e. our key focus is that our solutions should bring a fuel saving to the operator of the vessel or of the power plant.

For each new installation we perform an analysis of the current fuel consumption and after the installation we do a follow-up to ensure that we have met the guarantees for the fuel efficiency.

For upgrades of existing plants we plan and execute the installation and commissioning in a way that minimize downtime and the risks. Our work processes ensure that each step has a clear verification before the new system is put in operation. After the system is in operation we make sure that it works according to the agreed specification and performance.

We give a fuel saving guarantee and we document the results in a report that you can use to verify your return on the investment.