Your priorities.

When you are in charge, you also want to be in control. 
We are here to make that happen.

Get to your destination on time, using less fuel. Save up to 13%.

Decrease emissions. Manage CII for your fleet.
Governors and actuators for retrofit or new builds.

Your decision. Our mission.

At Qtagg, we provide solutions for those in charge of ships and fleets: systems and products that enhance performance and make results more predictable. We will not tell you to be greener, not insist on making your machinery or operations run more smoothly – but if you wish, we can make it happen.

Vessel fuel optimization

Arrive on time while saving up to 13% in fuel consumption! EcoPilot is a smart AI system that uses ship information, environmental maps, and real time weather data to calculate and execute an optimal propulsion plan, based on what you value most: on-time arrival, fuel consumption or speed.

You make the decision. EcoPilot makes it happen.

CII management

We take the pain out of CII emissions management. EcoPilot’s CII mode provides control of emissions for each of your ships, every voyage. Select the desired CII value for a voyage to see the expected arrival time – or enter an arrival time to see the resulting CII value. EcoPilot will calculate and execute an optimal propulsion plan, based on your priorities.


Mega Regina pre-installation survey

This is not our first encounter with Corsica Ferries‘s Mega Regina. She already has a previous version of the Qtagg DEGO engine governors installed, but it is time to replace the ASAC 70 actuators, supplied with the governors, with the newer

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Retrofit governors

We supply diesel engine governors and actuators for new builds as well as for retrofit.

DEGO Governor

DEGO can be used with both single- and twin-engine propulsion.

ASAC Actuator

ASAC is a high-performance actuator, designed for fuel rack positioning on diesel engines.

EEXI compliance

Meet IMO’s EEXI requirements with EcoLimit, a shaft power limitation solution that lets you operate just at the upper kW limit. EcoLimit is step 1 of a buildable emissions control solution where EcoPilot is the next step.