Mega Regina pre-installation survey

This is not our first encounter with Corsica Ferries‘s Mega Regina. She already has a previous version of the Qtagg DEGO engine governors installed, but it is time to replace the ASAC 70 actuators, supplied with the governors, with the newer ASAC 120 version. As the name indicates, they can deliver 120 NM torque continuously. In … Read more

Webinar: Weather routing x Automated propulsion control

To fully realize the potential of weather routing, it must be used in combination with automated propulsion control, ensuring that minimum power is used for the whole voyage. EcoPilot™ integrates with the propulsion control system for continuous optimization, throughout the voyage, to achieve the best fuel economy based on your target ETA or CII value. … Read more

EcoPilot to be installed on M/S Gotland

Can you enhance the fuel efficiency of a 4-year-old ship? Gotlandsbolaget answered this question by deciding on an implementation of the EcoPilot Bridge system on M/S Gotland, a Ro-Pax ship that operates between the island of Gotland and the Swedish mainland. This will result in fuel savings as well as reductions on greenhouse gas emissions. M/S Gotland … Read more

New Qtagg partner

We are adding a new partner! This is Mr. Manfred Spickmann from ELDATA Elektrotechnik und Service in Germany. Mr. Spickmann will provide DEGO engine governors and ASAC actuators as part of company’s solutions for power plants to customers worldwide. Mr. Spickmann was recently in Sweden for a training day at the Qtagg office, hosted by Tomas … Read more

Improve CII ratings: Effective actions for shipowners and operators

To achieve and improve CII ratings shipowners will have to find ways to decrease CO2 emissions, in relation to the transport work performed. In our previous CII article, we explained how the rating is calculated.  The algorithm for attained CII describes the core issue: Simplified, the attained CII for a ship is calculated as emissions … Read more

Meet us at DSM 2023

We’re pleased to announce that Qtagg soon is setting sail to the much-awaited Donsö Shipping Meet (DSM) in just a few weeks! Join us at our booth to explore the easier way to cut emissions, save fuel and ensure your ship’s CII rating. We enable better performance, based on your operational priorities. Whether you’re a fellow industry … Read more

Wärtsilä ANCS launches Qtagg retrofit solution for its marine engine governor system

Wärtsilä Corporation, Trade press release, 28 June 2023 Wärtsilä Automation, Navigation and Control Systems (ANCS), part of technology group Wärtsilä, has launched an innovative retrofit solution for its marine engine governor system in collaboration with Swedish marine green tech company Qtagg. The solution is designed to extend the lifespan of a ship’s propulsion control system, … Read more

Renovation and modernization of Da Shen

Our team just returned after completing the installation of a new DEGO diesel engine governor and ASAC actuator on the ship Da Shen. Da Shen is currently undergoing renovations and upgrades before it is taken into operation by McKeil Marine in Canada. The new DEGO IV governor and and ASAC actuator replaces the old analog … Read more

Installation on Isle of Inisheer for Irish Ferries

We have completed yet another installation for Irish Ferries, this time on the ship Isle of Inisheer. Isle of Inisheer is one of Irish Ferries’ Ro-Ro cargo ships that sails several times a day between Dover (UK) and Calais (France). The installation includes our state-of-the-art EcoPilot fuel-saving voyage optimization system and DEGO diesel engine governors … Read more

“A game changer” – industry press on EcoPilot’s CII mode

The announcement of Qtagg’s addition of a CII mode to EcoPilot has gathered attention in the maritime industry media.  EcoPilot is already an established voyage optimization system, used to save fuel and ensure on-time-arrival through optimized and automated propulsion control. It uses real-time weather data, sea state and ship data to calculate and execute optimal … Read more